Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tunisia is one of the Countrys in North Africa I have been with the Truck.
Between the Capital Tunis and the City of Sfax I travelled well around to know the Country and people. West-European textile Companies sowed their products down in north african countries cause of the cheap labour market situation and even the Trucking Companies grew up with doing trips into and out of Tunisia.
The biggest known Trucking Companies forwarding freight into Northern Africa was for sure Benntrans, Meyer & Meyer, Birkhart, DKS and others. Weekly trips between Germany and Tunisa gave those truckers an adventureful journey and new experience for the buisiness on the african continent.
As trips begun in Germany we choosed different directions depending on which Ferry we were dispatched on, so we crossed the Mediterranien Sea from Italy or either France by using their different habours.
Many European Truck drivers like showing others their first name using a license plate with the printed name on it.
In Tunis drivers almost bought a plate as a gift with the name and also the arabic letters showing up the word Tunis. I still have my plate in the windshield of my truck guessing I am not the only North Africa experienced Driver in North America.
Even a good idea to meet friends worldwide I met a guard at the Department of Food & Agriculture in California which came from Tunisia originally. He recognized my name sign as his home country plate which gave us a nice small talk and a little line up behind my truck.

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