Wednesday, March 14, 2012

中国的卡车司机 Trucker in CHINA

Inside a Chinese FAW Truck
Did you ever have been to China ?
For being a Worldtrucker it has to be one of those things on your must-visit-list, no daubt about it. I have been in every european and north american country before but China.
Well planed timely scheduled I met my chinese friend in North China as we decided to go out for seeking some chinese trucking adventures in Chinas most recommend City of the country in Wuhan, Hubei Province also known as the Chicago of China.

Eyecatcher: two old FAW Conventional Trucks
Chinese Sinotruk Howo at the fuel pumps.
I found my friend had given me the best offer a trucker ever could get. she directed me through areas where people have been unable to speak english and for sure it was almost the case.

Sinotruk Howo hauling Container
我们参观了很多地方像小货车站甚至工业区内,那里是被汽车制造厂覆盖了的工业园。所以我们发现至少有几个大型拖车司机,那是个开放团队,他们能够告诉我们一些有关中国卡车司机,电器设备。一位司机告诉我,与美国卡车相比,中国制造的FAW牌子的卡车就像垃圾。对我而言,中国话听上去像是我们欧洲人讨论问题时使用同样的语言。We visited a lots of places like small truck stops or even industrial areas, by the way Wuhan is overflooded of those locations. so we found at least several big rigs driven by open minded team drivers able to tell us something about chinese trucking and there equipment as one driver said his FAW brand is like garbage compared to american big trucks. to me that sounds like the same language as we european guys talk about.
Chinese Police catched delivery truck
maybe a drunk delivery truck driver ?

Old Dongfeng Truck at Chinese Great Wall in Badaling