Tuesday, July 12, 2011


冰岛不是欧洲共同体(欧盟)的成员,但他们试图按照欧盟规则。冰岛卡车司机为20岁,并通过卡车驾驶学校去。用于拖车有一个特殊的测试,另一个测试等其他种类的卡车。这里有两个船公司都在冰岛的卡车。 Iceland is not a member of the European Community (EU), but they try to follow the rules of the European Union. Icelandic truck drivers have to be 20 years of age and they going through truck driving schools. There is a special test for trailers, another test for other kinds of trucks and so on. Here there are two shipping companies that have all kind of trucks in Iceland.
有拖车的长度和一辆卡车牵引的拖车的长度的法律。有很多的品牌在冰岛新的卡车,几乎所有的使他们的欧洲:斯堪尼亚,沃尔沃,奔驰,雷诺,城域网。以上五吨车速限制所有货车,使他们无法驱动器更快的每小时90公里(约56英里)。There are laws about the length of the trailer and the length of a truck towing a trailer. There are a lot of brand new trucks in Iceland, nearly all makes of them European: Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, MAN. All trucks above five tons having speed limiters so they cannot drive faster then 90 kilometers per hour (about 56 mph).
冰岛也遵循欧盟法规的驾驶和停车时间,行驶时间为4小时和45分钟的休息是必需的。总行驶时间9小时后,冰岛卡车司机必须参加至少8小时的睡眠。 Iceland also follows the EU regulations of driving and stopping time, driving time is four hours and a rest of 45 minutes is required. After nine hours of total driving time the Icelandic Truckers must take a minimum of eight hours sleep.
道路是几乎没有了良好的条件。有很多单线桥,其中只有一辆车可以去一次。在一些地方的道路不是很宽。在冰岛的最长的路线是只有700-800公里远。有卡车司机可能停止休息和一餐的小路上,餐厅。 The roadways are almost not in good conditions. There are a lot of single lane bridges where only one vehicle can go over at a time. In some places the roads are not very wide. The longest route in Iceland is only 700-800 kilometers far. There are small road restaurants where truck drivers could stop for having rest and meals.
这里的景色蔚为壮观。冰岛在欧洲最大的冰川。当一个国家的火车之前,他们就在1969年向月球的美国宇航员,他们来到冰岛,因为他们认为冰岛与月球上的地方类似。因为其位置,使我们这个星球上北,夏天天都亮,并在7月22-23小时的日光。在冬季,寒冷和黑暗。冰岛的文化是比欧洲更多的西方(美国)。 The scenery here is magnificent. Iceland has the biggest glacier in Europe. When American astronauts where looking for a country to train before they went to the moon in 1969, they came to Iceland because they thought Iceland were similar with places on the moon. Because of the location, being so north on our planet, the summer days are bright and in July there is daylight for 22-23 hours. In the winter, it is cold and dark. Iceland's culture is more western (American) than European.
驱动程序不好好工资。新牌照的年轻球员喜欢驾驶卡车和不介意的工资低,是因为没有货运联盟,司机的压力,恶劣的天气和结冰的情况下通过驱动。有很多卡车在冰岛崩溃。冬季极端天气,强风和大雪,有时势力断道45吨重的卡车。[#]关于在冰岛驾驶的好事的风景。夏季天气良好的夜间行车,这是最好的东西做一个卡车司机使用。[#] Drivers don't make good wages. The young guys with new licenses like to drive trucks and don't mind the low wages because there is no trucking union, drivers are pressured to drive through bad weather and icy conditions. There are a lot of truck crashes in Iceland. The extreme winter weather, with high winds and snow, sometimes forces a 45-ton trucks off the road.
The good thing about driving in Iceland is the scenery. Driving in good summertime weather at night, that is the best thing a trucker use to do.