Saturday, March 26, 2011


最近,我能够前往墨西哥。墨西哥移民办公室,我得到了我留下来的题为180天的签证。我的车是被保险人在墨西哥。加拿大保险是无效的。 Recently, I was able to go to Mexico. at the mexican immigration office I got my 180-day stay visa entitled. my truck got a mexican vehicle insurance. the canadian insurance is invalid in Mexico.

墨西哥卡车可以识别的标记,有时他们在诸如Kenmex名牌。 Mexican trucks can be identified by the license plate, sometimes by the tag like at its Kenmex brand.
在讲西班牙语的国家,有许多收费公路。可惜我只开了一天那里。我的目标是在华雷斯市的德克萨斯州的边界。 城是位于奇瓦瓦州。 In this spanish spoken Country are many toll roads present. Unfortunately I only had one day to stay. My destination brought me to Ciudad Juárez in the mexican state Chihuahua which is located right south of the Texas border.