Thursday, August 14, 2014

天、耶和华或上帝是一个神 - Shang Di, Tian, Yahweh or Yehovah is all the same God

For all of you faithful believers who are interested in worldwide history here are good thoughts about the Chinese people who made themselves very famous by recording history since more than 4,500 years.

Ok, maybe this story isn't even about trucker tales nor anything like that but at least it is about to proof the believe of Christianity which at least keeps a lot of truck drivers safe out there.

Click here to read the interesting story about the Chinese God "ShangDi" and discover a simple illustration about how Early Chinese Language includes important events of the Bible.

我也发现了一些非常有趣的视频在 youtube 上。
I also found some very interesting videos on YouTube.

Very interesting, don't you think ?
God bless y'all, worldwide.

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